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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are the perfect window dressing for all homes old and new.

The clean and simplistic design adds to any décor creating a modern look with style and practicality.

Plantation Shutters are available in many different applications, materials and colours to ensure there is a perfect match for your home.

Not only will Plantation Shutters transform the look of your home, they also provide excellent protection from the Sun. The louvers allow you to control how much or how little light enters the room making Plantation Shutters an excellent choice for privacy.

A1 Blinds have been providing Melbourne with the best blinds, shutters and awnings for more than 60 years.

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Are all Plantation Shutters the same? Absolutely Not!

Plantation Shutters are available in many options, colours and materials. There is a huge array of Plantation Shutters available to choose from. With beautiful designs and modern styling options, we have all the latest in Aluminium, Basswood, PVC, custom shapes and more.

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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

A1 Blinds Plantation Shutters Melbourne are manufactured using only the best materials that are built to last and supported with a LIFETIME warranty. We believe the techniques used in the construction of our shutters are superior, making our shutters stronger and more robust.

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A1 Blinds is one of Melbournes leading blind retailers. We have been providing the highest quality products, service and prices to Melbourne homes and commercial offices since 1958.

Plantation Shutters Melbourne
Aluminium Plantation Shutters Outdoor

Aluminium Plantation Shutter

Aluminium Plantation shutters are suitable for outdoor applications. With the strength of extruded aluminium and the option of flush barrel bolts to lock panels into place, our aluminium Plantation shutters can withstand the cold, heat wind and rain. With an option of 5 textured colours as well as either elliptical or S Blade (Mohail seal) both 89mm, our Aluminium Plantation shutters will blend into you outdoor area and provide protection all year round.

The most robust shutter in our range


  • Withstands cold, heat, wind and rain.
  • Strong and sturdy construction.
  • 5 textured colours
  • Blends in with your outdoor area.
The Tough shutter for all conditions
aluminium plantation shutter s blade
Aluminium plantation shutter elliptical blade

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Basswood is a superior hardwood commonly used to manufacture Plantation shutters due to its light weight and warp resistant properties. Being a fine grain timber, Basswood Plantation shutters have a smooth surface that’s suited to both painted and stained finishes.

Our Clearview operation is different from most with a uniquely designed tilt rod that has been moulded into the side of the stile. Most tilt rods allow the shutter to close on one side only, our Clearview design has a full 180 degree closure both sides.

The best surface finish of any shutter on the market

Basswood timber being a hardwood is a perfect timber for manufacturing Plantation shutters allowing applications, hinged, double hinged, sliding, bifold, angled or shaped as well as blade sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm all complimented with 14 painted and 13 stained colours as standard

Basswood (painted)

Smooth Surface Finish
Painted Colours
Stained Colours
Finger Jointed Basswood Timber
Dual Closure (180 degree rotation)
Single Closure(-130 degree rotation
Premium Timber


Shutter Blades

Custom Shapes

Rounded, angled and curved shapes are all possible, however not all types of Plantation Shutters will support shaped shutters and not all shapes will allow full movement of the blades.

shaped panels for plantation shutters

Staircase Blades

All blades will have 180 degree rotation as normal.

Custom Shaped Edge Blades

Edge Blades will only close upwards and some blades may need to be fixed in position while others may have limited movement.

staircase blades for plantation shutters

PVC / Polymer plantation shutters

Easy to care for and the best value for money

  • 100% recyclable
  • Our Polymers are Certified non-toxic Light weight
  • Full thermal properties
  • Re-engineered stile
  • 30 years warranty*

Polymer Ultralite

An entry level PVC Plantation Shutter with 89mm elliptical blades. Keeping colours, Alabaster and White and available as a hinged application only. The Ultralite features all the strength of the Ecosmart with the same construction process.

Safe for the whole family to use

Polymer Ecosmart

PVC Plantation shutters are a very popular choice being suitable in all rooms, especially wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Suitable as hinged and sliding with elliptical blades, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm all complimented with 14 colours as standard.

user friendly
Polysmart & Ecosmart Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters On French Doors

French Door Cut outs- When fitting directly next to a French door it’s likely a cut out in the frame of the panel will be needed to allow for protruding handles, locks etc. There are two types of French door cut outs, curved and rectangular each with a flush or offset option.


French Door Cut Out – Rectangular


French Door Cut Out – Curved
Plantation shutters for french doors

Plantation Shutters Installation

Hinged: This is the most popular, practical and cost effective method. The panels are fitted with side hinges and open and close like a door.

Bifold: Up to 4 panels hinged together either hinged or sliding.

Sliding: installed with a tracking system, sliding panels can be mounted into the reveal or as a face fix application. All sliding applications can be finished off with pelmets to conceal the top tracks.


Single hinge Double hinge Bifold

Sliding With/Without Pelmets Fixed

Shaped windows

Cutouts for French Doors




Custom colours

Blade Sizes:

Elliptical 63mm, 89mm, 114mm

Flat 63mm, 89mm

Tilt Controls:

Centre, Clearview, Offset.

The Tilt Rod

A tilt rod is mechanism is used to open and close the blades.

Tilt Rod Options

  • Centre
  • Offset
  • Clearview

Both the centre and offset tilt rods are made of timber approximately 13mm x 15mm painted the same colour as the panel and positioned on the front of the shutter (facing into the room).

The Clearview tilt rod made from aluminium and available in either white or silver anodised is positioned on the hinge side at the back of the shutter (facing the window). To open and close the blades this is done by manually moving the blades to rotate.

Plantation Shutter Hinges

There are several types of hinges used and all are based on the type of operation required for the panels.

  • Reveal pivot hinge
  • Face pivot hinge
  • Extended reveal pivot hinge
  • Non Mortise hairline hinge
  • L hinge and super clear hinges

The number of hinges will depend on the panel size except for the pivot hinges where only a top and bottom hinge can be fitted.

Plantation shutter hinges
spaceclear hinge
L Hinge

Standard Hinges


While most Plantation panels are simply hinged and held in place by magnets. We offer locks as an option that can be used for safety or security.

Safety Lock and Key

For hinged or sliding there is a simple locking system where a keyed lock barrel is installed on the front face of the stile. The lock barrel is connected to a pin system inside the stile that runs vertically up and down. When the key is turned the shaft pins are pushed out of the ends of the stile and locate into a hole drilled in the top and bottom of the surrounding frame.

Blade locks

Operate by rotating across the blade ends so the blades cannot rotate to open. These are ideal for Plantation shutters installed outdoors where the wind can play havoc with the blades.

plantation shutter Blade Locks
flush barrel bolt for plantation shutters

Flush Barrel Bolts

Available in either short or long, both options work as a lever and mounted into the face of the stile at the bottom, using a pin extending from the bottom of the stile when locks the panels in place. The short lock is suitable for hinged panels only while the long lock can be used for hinged, sliding and bifold

Plantation Shutter Care and Maintenance

  • Keep free from dust by wiping with a soft cloth, feather duster or vacuum using a soft bristle brush
  • Spot cleaning use a damp cloth and dry
  • Difficult marks use a small amount of PH neutral soap with lukewarm (Do not use any other cleaners)
  • Regularly rotate blade to ensure even exposure to Sun and UV
  • Never allow water to remain stationary as it will soak into the timber causing it to stain and crack
  • Always open and close using the middle or master control
  • Where tracks are installed, keep free of dust and
  • Ensure window winders are in the correct positions before closing
  • Opening panels from the centre
  • Bi fold and Sliding panels, always close the blades before opening or
  • Always open and close slowly and

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